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Ruby Dixon- the far fetched theory on her identity

 Like oh so many fans, I am always trying to figure out the secrets of my favorite authors and narrators. Sebastian York’s name was a big one and when I found out I made it so I tried to forget it. Now, I am on the hunt for the true name of Ruby Dixon. And we all know that she’s amazing but- let’s face it- I’m kinda nosey.  So- here is what we know.  Ruby Dixon is a pen name because she is a best selling author under another name.  She is not Kati Wilde but has used an email address from that site but refuted they are one and the same.  She told me while I was interviewing her she didn’t know if I would have read more of her books but didn’t elaborate. This leads me to believe that it is a completely different t genre and, while reading Risdeverse- When She’s Bold there was a line in it that matched a line from another story I read long ago.  This lead me to kind of compare writing styles to this Young Adult writer that has always intrigued me and, while I find it hard to believe, I wo