Mile High with a Vampire - An Argeneau Novel

First- I wanna say that I loved this book! It was super special to see this woman who was scared and scarred try to help while she was completely unprepared. She’s terrified and she just keeps trying. That is a special person. That woman who fights the fight that she may not be able to win but she is fighting anyway? That’s the kind of woman I want to be.

Then, you have a mortal man who is crazy about her and he’s been crazy about her for a long time. And all he’s been able to do is watch. And be confused. Because it’s just hard to talk to a girl in mourning. But it’s also really hard to have all this want and need and gotta have her now feelings about a person that you’ve never interacted with. I’m gonna say it again- he’s never interacted with her yet he’s basically obsessively in love with the woman. 

She has all the issues. Basically, if you added flour and water to her issues you would have the biggest crap flavored birthday cake around. She’s just now coming out of the “my significant other went hella insane and now I’m a vampire and my kids a vampire” kind of fog of denial and starting to live again! That’s when, ya know, Marguerite starts getting involved. Because it’s how the whole thing rolls. 
It’s more complex here. She’s got a kid. And she’s worried about him. And how he will react. They are on an island… oh, crap, I didn’t mention that. Yeah. So they are stranded on an island and no blood available and they are being chased down by rabid scary blood starved immortals hell bent on drinking someone dry. So here’s our best guy- a walking bag of O Neg and our best girl- who has no clue how to kick butt or do much more than walk trying to outrun bad ass Egyptian enforcers who are injured and starved for blood. 

It’s just a great story and I really loved every stranded on a island with people chasing you part of the story. Even though I forgot to mention it till the very end. 

Hugs and love and check out this awesome book on Sept 28, 2021

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Make today the best you can and remember that today is someone’s best day ever, and smile just a little for them. *hugs* Kim  


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