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Cliff’s Descent Q & A with Dianne Duvall

Cliff's Descent: A Vampire's Tale, the next novel in Dianne Duvall’s best-selling Immortal Guardians series, releases on July 27th, 2021 in ebook, audio book, and paperback formats everywhere! We are thrilled to help celebrate this highly-anticipated story by participating in the blog tour today. Find out more about this book and grab your own copy below. Happy reading! Q&A with Dianne Duvall     Hi Dianne! Welcome to another stop on your tour and congrats on your newest book, which I cannot wait to devour. Now. I’m drooling. I’m so excited. Because it’s CLIFF!   Hi, Kimberly! Thanks for letting me visit and for helping me celebrate the big release!   This all started with  a  couple of vampires who didn’t want to fight and lose to the Immortals in Darkness Dawns. I have mourned the deaths of the others & I have worried about Cliff, like so many of your fans have. When you wrote that group of vampire characters, could you imagine the story that would emerge from t

Spoiler Free Review- Cliff’s Descent

First off- thank you to Kirsten Potter for giving the voices in Cliff’s head, Well, A voice. I will seriously have nightmares spawned by the combination of Ms Duvall’s rantings of a person who is descending into madness coupled with the  wonderful work Ms Potter did bringing it to life. Kudos for the brilliant work.  Now, sigh, Cliff… Cliff I love you so very much. I’ve watched you for years struggle with your madness and watched you work to help and be the best vampire you can be. Now I’m just in awe of your amazing sacrifice even more than before.  Emma, I adore you. You were brave from minute one. You knew you had no special abilities and you still wanted to save people during the attack. And that is amazing. You are perfect.  The two characters coming together was sweet. The way Emma’s friends helped them spend time together is beautiful. This love affair spans quite a long time, if your a fan of the series think from the time the Stewart came to live there till after the events in