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Chillin with Ice Planet's Ruby Dixon

 Special Author Q&A with Ruby Dixon! Today, as I’m getting ready to send this message to Ruby, a CNN article comes out . I feel horribly small town beside that article! Alas, I have fan questions that demand information. After all, that’s what I do! I found Ruby years ago when listening to an audiobook by Alexa Riley, an amazing author duo who specializes in short sweet and over the top. The epilogue says “maybe I’ll read him the newest Ruby Dixon book, Ice Planet Holiday. He’s been waiting for the latest barbarian book and he loves it when I get to the sex scenes.” Which prompted me to be like “wait- what?” And do my research. And imagine my surprise when I find this amazing series and author has all these books with half naked blue guys. Can you say “add to cart”? Over the next couple days I’m going to post my reviews and thought on the books along with the interview. So, let’s get this started. Ruby thanks so much for stopping in and answering just a couple questions for me

Ice Planet Barbarians

I’m just gonna start and say- I love Ice Planet before. I loved it years ago. I loved it before the hype. I’ve listen to it and relistened to it over and over. I love the khui. I love the ladies. I love the hot horned hunks. So, why this blog? HAVE YOU SEEN THE TIKTOKS? It’s great! Congrats Ruby. Congrats IPB!  So, in honor of Ruby’s stimulated check thanks to some awesome vids, I’m here to write some reviews showcasing the books and I might even create a TikTok for @audioloversblog just to talk about it on TikTok… not sure… but for sure am gonna spend some time relistening to an old fav and give it some new love!