Shielding Kinley by Susan Stoker

Shielding Kinley audiobook cover art

Shielding Kinley- Delta Team Two, Book 2
By: Susan Stoker
Narrated by: Virginia Rose
Length: 10 hrs and 31 mins
Release date: 08-18-20

Publisher's Summary

Being raised in the foster system has made Kinley Taylor feel like a lifelong outcast, but it's witnessing a young girl's last few minutes on Earth that proves just how alone she truly is. Kinley has no one to turn to, no family, no friends...except perhaps the gorgeous Delta Force soldier she met months ago. The one she ignored when he'd tried to keep in touch, convinced he couldn't really be interested in a relationship.

When Kinley ghosts him not once, but twice, Gage "Lefty" Haskins takes the hint. Clearly the pretty personal assistant didn't feel the same connection he did. Or so he assumes...until she shows up in Texas, on the run for her life after already surviving an assassination attempt. Lefty couldn't turn her away even if he wanted to - and he doesn't. The longer he knows her, the greater the connection he feels. He just has to keep Kinley alive long enough to convince her she's The One.

Easier said than done, when the man who wants her dead has friends in high places...and a very patient hit man on retainer.

Shielding Kinley is the second book in the Delta Team Two Series. Each book is a standalone, with no cliffhanger endings.

Audiolover's Review (No Spoilers)

I love (almost) every story that Stoker writes because, even though she has many out there, I never get that feeling like "I've already read this, haven't I?" like you do with some authors. I always feel like Stoker's stories are fresh and interesting. They always stand under their own merit and I love that about her books. Shielding Kinley takes it even another step forward than I would have guessed. Even the one that I don't LOVE (and yes, only one) it is actually an issue with just not being able to get into the whole Biker thing than the writing (Sorry about that, Justice for Mickie). That, however, is the entire point. She actually writes about all these different things. okay- next!

With this being only the second book in this series, I feel like I don't know the characters yet and getting to know them is all the fun! I enjoyed watching the others and the way that they feel toward Gage "Lefty" and how much they wanted to help him. I love that they know how much Kinley means to him and how much they are ready to get behind him and help. I love that these mean care for him. Not only that, the other Delta team that cares so much for Kinley is also amazing. These two groups of men are a book nerds wet dream. So, I need to add, YUM!\

This is the point where I'm gonna let all of you who don't wanna get a spoiler or two jump off. If you're reading this on a blog, please hop over to the facebook page @audioloversblog and give it a like. You will be able to link onto the blog and get the spoilers if you are interested.

Remember that you can always find something new on that blog! 

Are you on the blog now? You can find a link to Shielding Kinley HERE on Susan's Website or HERE at Audible. 

Did you find this before reading it? 

This is that second that you should jump off.... 

If you are still here, it's spoiler time...

It is an amazing story and I love love love the dynamic between the characters. A lot of the time, the female lead is somewhat needy in stories. They are true damsels in distress. While Kins is in distress (It's in the description even!) she has the ability to take care of her man, still. She was able to grow into a love for Gage that equaled her desire to keep him safe. Every heroine says that. They all say "I wanna protect you" but Kinsley MEANS it! That's effin awesome! 

She goes through all these steps to keep him safe. Hell, stoker is ALWAYS letting her ladies lead and take care but Kins DOES IT. She friggin says "Hey, guess what? I'm not letting him protect me. I'm not letting my friends protect me. I'm going to go and testify and get shit right and THEN when it's all done, I am going to come back to Gage and hope that he understands and if not? Well, at least we will both be alive and safe! 

And what's gonna happen with Delta Team 3? Like is this gonna be our new squad of Delta boys that are in from Washington? Is that where we are gonna get a new set of books? I have questions flying out of my ears!!!!! So, with that I say that I will be interviewing Ms Stoker soon! 


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