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Defy The Eye: The Zarbizokian Outsider

A thrilling new sci-fi romance filled with early Norsemen, ancient folklore, on the edge of your seat adventure, and newfound love sure to win your heart is OUT TODAY! Grab your copy of  Layla Lochran's DEFY THE EYE on Amazon !   ABOUT THE BOOK Defy The EYE: The Zarbizokian Outsider by Layla Lochran July 7, 2020 Astradell is the first female Zarbizokian to become a ‘Defender of the EYE’; an organization of elite beings in search of a menacing force wanting to take over the universe. In her first mission she must gain information from planet Earth. Curiosity winning out, she goes against the EYE by interacting with the humans, finding them too alluring to only observe. Visions of a blue-eyed man consumes her mind, knowing he must be saved before it is too late. Now hunted for her defiance, her Defender brethren will soon realize just how strong she has become. Gundar’s ancestors hid themselves in the icy tundra on Earth long ago, teaching generations their way of

Raven is perfect!

Defending Raven Mountain Mercenaries, Book 7 By:  Susan Stoker Narrated by:  Stella Bloom Publisher's Summary A missing woman leads the alpha heroes on their boldest mission yet in  New York Times  bestselling author Susan Stoker’s searing Mountain Mercenaries novel.  It’s been ten years since Rex’s wife, Raven, disappeared from a Vegas casino. Never losing hope, he even formed the Mountain Mercenaries to help find her - and other missing wives, sisters, and children. Now Rex and his fearless team are following a lead to Lima, Peru, where the rescue operation is greater than they imagined.  A day at a time.  That’s been Raven’s motto for a decade. Once held captive by an elusive sex trafficker, she has an indomitable will to survive. But Raven’s not ready to leave Peru. She can’t. Not yet. Because her liberation from the barrios comes with devastating consequences. One wrong move and all hope will be lost to an unimaginable hell.  For the Mountain Mercenaries, the stakes have been