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Welcome to Audio Lover’s Blog Carol Dawn! I am so excited to have you here, not just because you are a new author with a new to me genre but because you and I have known each other for roughly, five maybe coming up on six, years. Not only do we share a love of books of all kinds, we also have two amazing kiddos who have a lot in common and are, probably, going to get married and live happily ever after one day… Or they will just be besties forever! 

~Thank you for having me. It’s crazy to think that it’s been all those years since we first met. It doesn’t feel six years, but at the same time it feels like it’s been longer. I just love these two kiddos! They’ve grown so much.

Q- You are a new author on the scene and your books are doing very well. What was it like for you to have the quick success that you have had? I know you work so hard to please your fans and to keep in touch. Does this cause pressure to push out the next book and motivate you?
A- Honestly, it was very surprising. I wasn’t expecting twenty people to read my first book and was completely blown away when I saw that hundreds of people got their hands on it. I was even more shocked that so many seemed to like it. I still have a hard time processing everything. I love talking to my readers. And really enjoy hearing what they have to say about my works. Up until my current work-in-progress I didn’t really feel pressured to have the next book released. But so many people are excited about Trigger’s book, and everyone has this expectation about how they think it’s going to be that it does have me second guessing every single word I type. And I think that’s the cause of why I don’t have this one out as fast as I did the others.

Q- Your first book, Bear’s Forever, is available on Audible now (Get it here) narrated by the Dashing Dash Coleman. Do you have plans to bring the others to audible in future?
A- I would definitely love to bring all of my books to audible. My plan is to see how Bear’s Forever does first before I make that final decision, though.

Q- You have some interesting mixes in your stories, which all involve some alpha male hotness. The first two are traditional Motorcyle Club stories with Male/ Female characters. The third features a Male/ Male. My question is- will we see some more interesting mixes in your stories?
A- Absolutely. I have this plan to write books that are all over the romance genre. Trigger’s Light, my current WIP, won’t be your basic romance storyline, either. It’s M/F but there’s a major twist to this couple. And, I am having the time of my life writing it. Just like with my M/M book, Hawk’s Choice, Trigger’s story might not be for everyone, and that’s okay.

Q- What is next for you? Whose story are we getting next?
A- The infamous Trigger. He’s been a favorite among my readers. He’s broody, silent and super sexy. After I finish the Infernal Sons series, I do have something else planned. I don’t want to go into detail, but I will say that it’s supernatural. Vampires? Demons? Angels? Aliens? Who knows? You’ll have to stick around and find out. 

Thanks for stopping by Audiolover’s Blog and answering these questions for us! I personally can’t wait to hear what happens next and to follow your career very closely.

~Thank you again for having me. I’m excited for the future, whatever it may bring. Come join us over at to stay updated on all future releases. And, you never know when I’ll be doing giveaways! 😊


  1. awesome job, can't wait for Trigger!! loved them all!


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