Broken- Zanetti- ARC

Deep Ops 3
Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date - 05/26/2020


Broken was an amazing addition to the Deep Ops world! Rebecca Zanetti has developed characters that leave us longing for the next installment.
I have been looking forward to Dani and Wolfe’s story more than Angus and Naris. I knew that Wolfe’s past and Dana’s inquisitive nature would collide in an amazing way and Zanetti delivered!
In Broken, we get to see the past events that lead to Wolfe becoming a part of deep ops and Zanetti does a great job of giving us that villain that we hate in Wolfe’s nemesis. We also get to see something that we rarely ever get in many books with Dana’s family- a family that is functional and kind.
Wolfe’s feelings for Dana have been growing since the introduction in Taken. Dana has been a background character and now she is center stage in a very real and significant way.
There is a great Easter Egg if you look hard and are a Dark Protector fan. Love these little things.
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