The Assistant's Christmas Wish- Lexi Ostrow

The Assistant's Christmas Wish audiobook cover art

The Assistant's Christmas Wish
The Christmas Wish Series Book 1
By: Lexi Ostrow
Narrated by: Catherine LaMoreaux
Series: The Christmas Wish Series, Book 1
Length: 4 hrs and 12 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 09-02-15
Language: English
Publisher: Lexi

Publisher's Summary

Leena has been in love with her boss, Nick DeMarco, for almost eight years. But he's never given her any indication that she was special to him. Their relationship was close, but rarely outside of a business function. So when he invites her to be his fake girlfriend at his family's Christmas week she is thrilled and ready to show Nick just what he's missing out on, her only wish for the Christmas season.
Nick wouldn't admit it to anyone except his brother, but his assistant Leena is the only woman he's had feelings for in quite some time. He didn't want to seem like a powerful boss trying to seduce his employee so he had ignored his desire for her for the past five years. When the opportunity to take her to his family's chalets opens he takes it, intent on seducing her.
When things begin to heat up with Leena and Nick, both are pleasantly surprised. But a winter storm traps them in the chalet just as Nick's older brother Jake arrives. When he makes no attempt to hide his attraction to Leena the whole vacation becomes heated. What will happen when the storm lifts, will the assistant have gotten her Christmas wish?
©2014 Hot Ink Press and Lexi Ostrow (P)2015 Lexi Ostrow
My Review

No. Just- no.

I’m usually able to find the good in anything. Like- hey! The cover is great! Is about as much as I can give on this. Usually, my reviews are as spoiler free as possible. This one is not gonna be.
So, I assumed this was gonna be the normal falling in love with the boss trope or thinking you’re in love with the boss until you meet his brother and then you realize that he is the one you should be in love with. Nope. About 1/4 way in I went to “ok, I bet they’re going to share her” and again no.
The girl is all I’m in love with my boss.
The boss is in love with her.
The boss’s brother is all in love with her.
Now- the brother has only had a couple conversations with her and one face to face meeting if I understand correctly. She has very little interest or recollection of the interaction.
She sleeps with both of them randomly.
They kind of argue over her. Not like knock down drag out. Just like argue. Then, the boss is like “yeah, I’m not interested in going to do that so you take her” knowing he’s sending her out with his brother. Who wants her. Heck, who he just caught kissing her 25 mins ago. Yeah. That’s gonna go great.
Basically, everyone is just stupid.
Notice, I’m still giving it 4 stars, right? You are going “why 3-4 stars?”
Because people are flawed and stupid in real life. I honestly know girls who probably would sleep with two different guys in a couple days.
Because 55% of the books in the romance category are instalove and it happens. Because it’s not a horrible book. It’s just the type of book where, if it wasn’t existing inside of your phone, you would toss it at a wall. Because I still finished it- even though I knew it was ridiculous. It’s still more real than some other crap I have read. So- 3-4*.


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