Guarded Fae Hell Hound's Fated Mates, Book 2


Publisher's Summary

A hell hound and a fae “princess” were never meant to be. Their love was forbidden.
Declan MacConall can barely keep his hound in check when Rowan McNeely is around. She’s beautiful, smart, devastatingly sexy...and also completely off limits. As a hell hound from the outskirts of town, Declan would never live up to the high standards of Rowan’s family, especially after he hit rock bottom following the murder of his parents.
Rowan McNeely has spent her entire life doing exactly what her parents ask of her. She’s a part of the highest class of fae society and, as such, is expected to be the perfect wife to the husband of her parents’ choosing.
Then she’s assigned to be Declan’s nurse. Her father would have a coronary if he knew she were associating with a "dog", but the more she gets to know Declan, the more she starts to question everything she thought she knew.
As things begin to heat up between them, an old enemy that's plagued the fae for centuries arrives in town and puts Rowan in their sights. Declan can’t keep his hound leashed any longer. He must set aside his old wounds and find the strength to fight for the only woman who could ever make him whole again.

Audiolovers Review 

Oh sweet sweet accents, I love you. 

Michael Dickens and Simona Rose deliver a stellar performance. I enjoy what they were able to convey in this story. 

Guarded is the story of Declan and Rowan and WOW. Declan has layers. It’s interesting to toss his addiction into the story. I love that he’s overcome a lot in the two years that he’s worked on becoming sober. I also love Rowan’s role in it. The way that she feels for him without the pull that he has (since she’s his anum cara) is really heart warming. The idea that the other side of the soul mate pairing feels a pull despite not having the magical knowledge is my favorite part of the idea of magic bonds. 

If you’re looking for something that’s heavy on sexy times, this isn’t for you. This story is more about falling in love and feeling that emotional forever with someone than sexy times. The action adventure and battles of the story are what’s gonna pull you in with this story. 

Sexy times- mild enough for a 17 year old
Awesome transformations (both internal and metaphysical)- numerous. I’m not gonna count but it’s a lot. 
Wondering what Aidens gonna do- a lot. Like when’s this coming out? Is it out now? I’m just gonna go stalk the author. 


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