Death of Darkness

Seth has led the Immortal Guardians for thousands of years. With them fighting by his side, he has protected humans from psychotic vampires, defeated corrupt mercenary armies, defended military bases under attack, and more. But the latest enemy to rise against the Immortal Guardians has proven to be a formidable one, wielding almost as much power as Seth. His goal is simple. He wants to watch the world burn. And he will use every means at his disposal to accomplish it. Seth and his Immortal Guardians have succeeded thus far in staving off Armageddon despite heartbreaking losses. But they have never before faced such danger. Seth has only one wish: to protect his Immortal Guardians family and ensure the continuation of humanity by defeating his foe. But then Leah walks into his life and sparks a new desire.

Leah Somerson has suffered losses of her own. It has taken her a long time to rebuild her life and find some semblance of peace. Then one night a tall, dark, powerful immortal with what appears to be the weight of the world on his shoulders stumbles into her shop, and everything changes. Peace and contentment are no longer enough. Now she wants more. She wants to find happiness. She wants to erase the darkness in Seth’s eyes and replace it with love and laughter. She knows he’s different in ways that make most fear him. Even some of his immortal brethren keep a careful distance. But Leah will not. Nor will she shy away when danger strikes.


I didn’t want to say this but unlike other fans, Seth’s book scared me. What was it going to be like for this father figure who was thousands of years old to find love? What was this man who I even see as the adults of all adults going to be like hearing about him having sex? Well y’all, it only took me about six minutes to figure out that I was an idiot. 
Seth and Leah are the ideal couple. I adore her. I adore them dancing together and watching television together. Watching Seth fall in love was addictive. I wanted more and more of it and I was jumping up and down rooting for them by the end I was in tears of happiness. 
Now, there were twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. I know that, at one point something happens, and I made a very unladylike noise followed by more unladylike words. There were also times I was jumping up and down screaming with excitement and joy, both on the inside and outside. The only thing I can say is GIVE ME MORE DIANNE DUVALL! 
There are questions answered but every one answered has another one to pop up in its place. Every new question makes me want more. Can I bribe her to write faster?

Kirsten Potter is amazing. She allows you to get lost in the story and almost forget she’s the only one performing. 


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