Moonlit Watcher- Crystal-Rain Love

Publisher's Summary- From

He watches her, until watching is no longer enough...
Juliana Van Alder has fled the bright lights of New York, leaving the Broadway stage behind to discover the source of what's been drawing her to the North Carolina woods.
What she discovers is unexpected danger, and a gorgeous, powerful man who just happens to be a wolf. She's found her soulmate, but there's one little problem... Derek Kingston is a wolf determined to protect her, and he can’t be tamed.
©2013 Crystal-Rain Love (P)2013 Crystal-Rain Love

My Review

Okay, so it’s the cute kind where he’s like “I just wanna watch her not steal her clothes or anything weird” but still. He’s all “I don’t want you but I wanna look in your window and watch you dance” so, note how this only works in books. 
She is all like “Wolf turns into a man!! Ok. Awesome!!” And he’s all like “humans suck” and that’s the crux of the whole story. Still, you get an HEA and all is well. Not a bad story or anything. 
Sexy times - not a lot
Jerkface- mild
Stalker tendencies - med high


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